Suicide Six


It ain’t often I think of somethin. I tried tellin em to give the other Vicki to the bad guys and they cut me off. What they ain’t hear is that after you give him to them, blow him up with that there bomb inside. Then they all thinking the guy is dead, he wasn’t sacrificed properly with their hell rituals and what not so no powers go floating all over the place and let the demons battle each other. But what do I know, I’m a mechanic.

Off the tracks
I have brought your sacrifice my Queen....

The party headed to the Icelandic factory which was across a bay.

Entering the factory the party found it empty of people. Searching the office and then the main factory there was no sign of anyone who worked there.

That was until they noticed a man in the factory control room. Avery, Arctic Fox, and Kandi attacked the man, a strange man in a purple suit, a warlock collar and a number of technical devices on his body.

The fight was quite tough and the party found out that the Warlock was here to take Vikas away.

Avery managed to kill the Warlock (rolling a 15) by jumping on him from above. Unfortunately this attack destroyed the entire factory.

While the party was picking themselves out of the rubble, Death Runner ran across something distressing… a 15 foot tall man talking with the same Warlock the others had been fighting.

Reporting to Fox, the entire party assembled and went to investigate the giant and the warlock.

Confronting the giant they learned that it was the Titan Cronus, god or time and space, he too was in search of Vikas and had plans to take him. Malcolm Practice had other ideas though. Engaging his mind control powers on the giant Malcolm ordered the titan to give him all of his powers! Cronus nearly completely hypnotized was forced to hand over nearly all of his godlike powers to Malcolm Practice, his titan body crumpled to the ground, in a deep coma.

Suddenly reality shifted. Everything got much darker and bleaker. Our heros took on darker grimmer looks. Something was different, something had been changed.

Investigating the Titans body they learned that it was still linked to Malcolm Practice, what happened to it, happened to Malcolm and vice versa.

Waves of memories, not their own washed over the party, they remembered their old history, as well as this new worlds history. A bleaker world where ARMOR hunted and killed all metahumnas now, rather than captured the villains.

Avery Quinn had a dilemma, suddenly the pact that had kept his demon side mostly at bay was… if not broken, drastically changed. The demon, that had been part of him for so long, held at bay, was freer than ever before.

Unable to control this new side of him, and wanting desperately for this new world to go back to the way it had been. Avery called out to his demon queen, telling her to come forth, to return Cronus’ powers and prevent this Armageddon.

A five mile tear opened up above them, a gateway to hell. Massive ships made of bone and ice poured out of the gateway, covered with demonic foot soldiers.

At this time, Malcolm and Vikas decided it was time to scram, and they ran back to the ARMOR base to regroup and plan.

Moments after the gateway had opened a skiff made out of some hideous half living creature landed and a demonic lieutenant came out and walked up to Avery. The lieutenant said that he had been sent by their Queen and that she had decided it was time to begin the invasion of earth, all Avery had to do was turn over Vikas.

Avery, didn’t much want the world to end, or the demonic invasion to happen…. the demon also felt conflicted, it had served the Queen for eternity, but it did not want this world (nor Fox) who he had come to care fore be destroyed and forever changed. Avery demanded the lieutenant to bring him and his group to see the Queen, that this changes to reality were bad news and things needed to be reported. The demon lieutenant disagreed at first, but Avery was firm.

Arctic Fox, Avery Quinn, Kandi and Death Runner boarder the monstrous skiff and were piloted off into the rift.

Meanwhile, Vikas and Malcolm returned to the Icelandic base, finding Red Scarab there, changed as well. He was drunk, muttering about how things were not right, how things were not as they were supposed to be….. that they had never told him that it would be like this…. these things had never happened… what was different, what was the same…. ADD MORE*

Entering the rift to the Queens realm, Avery changed dramatically. Where once stood a short overweight butler, who just happened to have a demon inside his head, stood that very demon, with a butler inside his head.

This was the moment that Avery Quinn and the Demon, Far Dorocha ceased being two minds within one body. Their minds and soul became one (note… MIND*S* and SOUL) no longer was their an enternal conflict between the two. Now the were Avery Quinn / Far Dorocha melded completely. No longer did the demon have any confliction, no longer did Avery for that matter. They may serve the Queen due to their bonds, but their heart and loyalty belonged only to Arctic Fox and the Earth.

The skiff landed at the Queens palace. A enormas fortress surrounded by ice and bone. Demonic warships and troops were everywhere. With a word from Fox to Avery, “don’t forget, you follow me” they entered.

Escorted to the Queens throne room, Avery the Demon addressed her. He told his queen that the Scion (Vikas) could be captured, but was that really the best thing? With the world so messed up, wouldn’t it be far better to restore the Titan Cronos, without killing Malcolm Practice?

The Queen disagreed. It became apparent to Avery that the Queen was planning on using this temporal confusion to attack the earth,

Earth-A Day 1 – 720p Party meets Cronos
Earth-A Day 1 – 722p Malcolm steals Cronos powers
Earth-A/B Day 1 – 722.5p Reality shifts from earth A to earth B, everything becomes more evil
Earth B Day 1 – 726p very summons his queen
Earth B Day 1 – 727p Vikas and Malcolm-Titan flee back to the Iceland ARMOR base.
Earth B day 1 – 727p Kandi takes control on the Titans body.
Earth B day 1 – 729 Demons land, Avery convinces them to take him, DR, AF and Kandi to his Queen’s realm.
Earth B day 1 730 Malcolm B and Vikas B get to the base and meet Red Scarab B.
Earth B
HELL – 1 day 1 730 Avery’s group enter hell. Avery switches form Human with a demon in his head, to demon with a human in his head. Known fully as Avery B(demon)
Earth B
HELL – 1 day 1 734 Avery B(demon)‘s group enters queens castle.
Earth B
HELL – 1 day 1 738 Avery B (demon) talks with his queen, looking for a solution to all of this
Earth B
HELL – 1 day 1 739 Avery B (demon) and Arctic Fox B decide to do the old switcheroo.
Earth B
DOORWAYS – ? day 1 740 Avery B (demon) party enters the gates, where they run into purple warlock…. they convince him to lead them to the proper door. One that will lead to the Icelandic base the moment they had stepped through the hellgate.
Earth B/C day 1 740.5p &
-16 425
afternoon They step into past, changing earth B (and maybe A) creating earth C
Earth C day
-16 425
afternoon They travel to ARMOR HQ in brooklyn where they convince winters that they are from the future.
Earth C day
-16 425
afternoon ARMOR builds the Icelandic base and places the team in suspended animation underneath.
Earth C day between day -16425 and day 1 Red Scarab is given the task to unfreeze TFDeath at the correct time. Which is day 1 730.
Earth C day 1 735 Red Scarab opens door 5 min late.
Earth C day 1 736 talk to vikas
Earth C day 1 739 open doorway to Hell
Earth C
Hell-1 day 1 740 appear in hell, even though this is the time they left to go to the doorways, there would be no overlap since in Hell 1 time flows differently and there was no overlap. Even if there is, there isnt.
Earth C
Hell-1 day 1 741 Queen fight, Malcolm opens new portal that leads to earth D
Earth D day -4 whenever Appear back on space station
Earth D day -4 whenever Send bomb through
Earth D day -4 Whenever Demons attack.

uhhhh so B is the parallel of A, only WoD’ed…. but because of the back in time thing B has become C….. D is alone, it really could be and altered A or totally new. Also it is unknown if B is removed, if C will disappear too. I kinda assume not, so C & A can live together with or without B. D can not be B or Current C because in the B world we would not have been in the ARMOR base….. But if B is removed, the D could be C…. but it wasn’t yet, so it’s not.

The Plot Thickens
I leave a letter

….to come

Game Changer

Alright…. With Vikas, Malcolm and Arctic Fox called away, Kandi was put in charge of the mission tablet.

Thumbing through the missions she picked one in Bulgaria, gathered Avery, Death Runner, and Zeitgeist and headed off to the shuttle bay, without clearance. Some how managing to convince the piolet to take them down.


Landing in Bulgaria they team split up into two groups, shortly before the shuttle was shot down on its way back to ARMOR.

DR and Kandi went straight in to the base and down the elevator. Avery and Zeit, jumped down a smoke tower and entered that way. Everyone met up in the base and began to search it for Dr. Zombie.

After searching for a while, and finding nothing but zombie drones….

except When Avery and Zeitgeist pulled a Scooby-Doo. Avery pretended to run into a room, chased by a ghost… Zeitgeist… unfortunately the room was full of zombie drones, so they didn’t notice.

Kandi got split up from the group….. Where she stumbled upon Dr Zombie being captured by some men in red armor while trying to escape. Unfortunately Kandi was also captured. Both were dropped in a shuttle bay, while the ROCKET RED’s looked for more intruders.

Meanwhile Avery, Death Runner and Zeitgeist ran across a horrible mutation. Something with the torso of a man, and arms…. that were the front of horses…. some how they managed to kill this monster… and weirdly zombie raccoons scuttled out afterwards….

Kandi managed to break free of he bonds and untie Zombie. Talking to him, he was surprised that Task Force Death was there a week early. A week early, just in time! The Russians had some how found out he was a double agent. Zombie told Kandi that he was close to discovering a cure for her and that his wife had been taken by the Russians.

Chasing down the raccoons the rest of TFD ran across the ROCKET REDS! Killing all but one, they forced him to tell them their plans. Avery was forced to promise that they would not harm him first though.

It turns out that the ROCKET RED soldiers are some sort of mutant midget half formed embryonic humans that are forced to live in these Russian exo-suits. They were just soldiers under orders, told to capture Zombie. His name was Pitor and he knew where Zombies wife was, whoever she is.

Forcing “Pete” to come with them the group met up in the landing bay. Pete activated one of the shuttles, the party, Pete, Zombie and his pet zombie raccoons escaped the base in a heli-shuttle right before the entire place went nuclear.

Arriving back at the ARMOR space station things were a little… confused. ARMOR had scheduled the Bulgaria to happen in a week…. Arctic Fox, Malcolm and Vikas desperately needed the groups help. Leaving Dr Zombie to relax, and Pete with the Quartermaster, the group jumped in a shuttle and took off to save the rest of the group!

Landing in the middle of a firefight, Avery went to work destroying the helicopters while the rest took out the group troops and went to Fox and Malcolm who were pinned down and under fire. Punching a hole out… on an animated tank…. Fox, Malcolm, Kandi, Death Runner, Avery, Zeitgeist, and the tank managed to get on board the shuttle just as it took off. Vikas flying as fast as he could behind was almost left behind, be he managed to get on board in the nick of time.

The entire party together once again they headed back to the ARMOR space station.

Closing in on the station though…. something went wrong. Sirens went off, lights flashed…

cut to five minuets earlier
The Quartermaster pressing a button on Pete wondering what this button does…
cut back

The shuttle did a sharp bank away from the base. Escape pods were shooting out of the base all over…. and then the entire ARMOR space station exploded!

The party looked from their shuttle window in horror. Well actually indifference… some were upset about their stuff.

The Shuttle returned to earth, landing on Arizona at SHIELD HQ 2.

Disembarking the party were brought to their new rooms, small cells.

Left there the party went off to find out what had happened and to gather information.

Tango in Tijuana
booze, drugs, luchadores aaaaand hookers!

A high profile senator was kidnaped! Mexican druglords were ransoming him in Tijuana!

Task Force Death was sent to create a distraction while Zeitgeist would go in and rescue the senator. This distraction would entail them assaulting the druglords main drug factory.

Arriving by shuttle, the team was picked up by Gymnastika in a truck. She drove them to their Spanish translator Fernando.

While Fernando was bringing the party up to speed, Malcolm decided to leave the group and see if he could do a little mind magic on the factory leaders before the main party would assault the place.

Fernando brought them to a clinic in Tijuana to prepare for the attack and wait for Malcolm’s distraction.

Malcolm head out telling the party to wait 30 min before following. Before leaving he decided to do the group a favor and gave Vikas and Death Runner a large bottle of tequila.

DR and Vikas got drunk and got some hookers. Avery found out and disposed of the hookers.

Malcolm managed to use his mind powers to get into the factory, but failed when talking to the main boss… he was quickly subdued and driven off in the trunk of a car.

The thirty minuets up, the rest of the party stormed the factory. Avery, Vikas and Death Runner took out the main towers, while Kandi and Fox attacked the gate.

Unfortunately after taking out his tower Avery misjudged a jump and landed inside the factory covered in cocaine…. which unleashed the Demon. The Demon went on a killing spree inside the factory, while the rest of the group fought their way in. DR and Vikas were drunk and pretty much useless, so Kandi and Fox had to pick up the slack.

During the fight Vikas saw Avery with the Demon unleashed and realized for the first time that Avery was also a demon… or something simular. The plot thickens!

The climax of the fight happened with the entire party fighting super powered luchadores. Avery recovered his sanity at just the wrong time and the Green Luchador managed to throw him into a great made of COLD IRON! Powerless Avery nearly died, while Vikas looked on…. but not noticing Vikas’ plan, Fox managed to finish off Green and save Avery.

Avery, de-powered was overcome with the soul hunger and ate Fernando’s soul, killing him.

The party then took of heading out of Tijuana, looking for Malcolm. They met up with Zeitgeist and the senator, safe and sound.

Meanwhile Malcolm had been driven to the middle of no where and left in a cage. He managed to break free and flag down a truck… full of luchadores. Amazingly he was able to mind control them and had them drive him back to town.

The party reunited on a street in Tijuana. Malcolm had all of his new friends kill themselves in front of Vikas and the senator. Shortly after, ARMOR came and took the party back to the base.

Back at the base Savage was upset that Malcolm killed all the luchadores that could of given more information. He was also upset to hear about his cousin Fernando’s death. He was VERY upset when Vikas told him that it had been Avery who killed him.

Because of this betrayal, Arctic Fox a battered Avery paid a visit to Vikas while he slept. Waking him, he informed him in an icy cool manner that they are not yet enemies…. but he should watch himself…. and that because of him Avery’s other master now knows about Vikas.

Showdown in Somalia! Part 2
I get in the tank and start driving around.

When we last left our heroes they were in quite a bind. In case you have forgotten, Task Force Death was assigned the job of assassinating or capturing three leaders located in a Fortress in Somalia.

Ethan/Zeitgeist and Vikas were on top of the main building planning on entering the building through the roof. Avery, and the Arctic Fox had just emerged from the water, sneaking through the fortress docks, forgetting about Malcolm Practice who was off making friends with the monster squid.

Death Runner & Kandi had been given another task earlier but had been just sent to assist the rest of the party.

Everything gets a little confusing from here on in… but here we go.

Malcolm’s new squid friend attacks the patrol boat, the fortress alarms start blaring.

Death Runner and Kandi assault the main gate. DR throws one of the pillbox gun towers (the giant heavy ones) at the second. Kandi played dead. And then they destroyed the main gate.

Sirens blared. Zeitgeist phased through the roof floor, slowly going down into the bowels of the complex. Vikas used the distraction to head down the roof stairs into the main building.

Kandi took over one of the AA guns in the confusion and leveled it at some of the fortress buildings, destroying them.

Suddenly AA fire (and buildings) began raining down on Avery and Fox. Avery grabbed Fox and leaped away. Kandi, DR and Vikas all saw Avery leap over head across most of the fortress, land heavily and then crash through the ground.

Freefalling, Arctic Fox (still in Avery’s arms) used his ice powers to make a large slide to slow Avery and himself, as well as created a pile of snow at the bottom of the slide. They were in an elevator shaft, and there was an elevator below. Although they were slowed considerably, they still crashed through the top of the elevator, killing the ones within.

Zeitgeist stopped phasing when he reached the lowest floor in the complex, discovering that he was in the power generation room.

Above, Kandi and Death Runner fought the minions, those that were still alive that is. When Kandi saw that Avery had fallen through the ground, she ran over and leaped into the opening.
DR left alone grabbed one of the nearby tanks and began to demolish the base.

Vikas meanwhile had been working his way down through the building. He came across many computer rooms and such. Eventually he got into a fight with the BEARDED BOSS and his goons. Things were going well for Vikas, until the building collapsed around him, thanks Death Runner.

Avery and Fox had secured the hallway outside the elevator when Kandi arrived with a crash. She came crawling out of the wrecked elevator regenerating her injuries from the fall. The three then set out to explore the base. Which was suddenly under emergency lighting, the power going out for a reason unknown to them.

The reason was Zeitgeist. He had animated the turbines in the power plant… causing massive destruction. He was now working his way back up through the sub sub basement. Animating objects as he went to attack the goons he happened across.

Avery, Kandi and Fox explored the underground base, and came across Red Scarab who was projecting. He informed them that he had dealt with the internal security but the bad guys were planning on escaping through a set of escape pods… our heroes hurried along to stop them.

Death Runner continued to level the base in the tank. Destroying everything in sight.

Malcolm Practice swam around in the ocean.

Zeitgeist continued up to join the group.

Vikas woke up with the building crumbled around him, he found some important looking papers and documents (including proof that SCYLLA had something to do with this) and fled outside. Coming across Death Runner. Vikas had seen that there was a countdown clock inside. Knowing that the entire complex was going to explode, and that he didn’t have time to stop it, he grabbed DR and flew into the hole Avery created. Seeking the rest of the party and the escape pods.

Avery, Kandi and Fox found the escape pod room. BEARD BOSS and two of the super clones were there. Avery and Kandi tore them apart, while Fox used his ice powers to keep the bad guys from escaping. After killing all the bad guys, they set to work trying to figure out the escape pods… two of which had already been used… At this time Zeitgeist showed up, and the speakings chimed that in 5 minutes the fortress was going to self destruct.

With seconds to spare, Death Runner and Vikas showed up. Everyone argued about who should go in what pod… and then finally piled in.

The pods shot off and went up high into the sky…. higher and higher until a tractor beam caught them and dragged them into a space station docking bay…. yup.

Turns out that ARMOR has a space station. After the group weaseled around a bit they came across the Red Scarab who told them about the space station and took them to Jessica Rockford who debriefed them.

During the debriefing Vikas informed the party and ARMOR that he had found some important documents and that SCYLLA was involved. Fox informed everyone that his group had managed to kill the BEARD and two more super clones.

Jessica Rockford wanted to know why the party had split up and turned into an episode of Benny Hill. Fingers were pointed and Vikas decided that Fox was better suited to herd this pack
of cats. De-briefed, the group left and headed back the way they had came. Down a long hallway.

The Red Scarab met up with the group and showed them to their new digs.

The digs were two rooms that branched off a large hallway on either side. Each of these rooms were the same, common area lounge rooms. When you entered from the hallway there was two doorways leading to bedrooms on the left wall and two on the right wall. With two bathroom entrances along the wall opposite the hallway entrance.

The bedrooms were assigned, Kandi, Death Runner, Vikas and Ethan taking one set. Arctic Fox and Avery taking rooms in the other common area, that already housed Red Scarab. The final room was set aside for Malcolm who was apparently safe. Avery quickly gave up rights to his room, preferring to sleep near his master, on a small cot in the closet. He turned the room that was supposed to be his bedroom into Fox’s private dining and lounge area. It’s amazing how butlers can do things like that.

There was a cafeteria further down the hallway with a robotic machine that could dispense meals.

TF Death was informed that they (and the other Task Force groups) had free reign of their area of the station, the prisoners section, as long as they didn’t get out of line. But they were not allowed access to any restricted areas of the ship. Which was pretty much everything but the general area around their quarters.

Around this time Malcolm Practice was wheeled in, bound and blindfolded again…. Vikas set him free.

The entire group took a little R&R then, Vikas going to the cafeteria, Avery prepared dinner for his master and guest (Red Scarab), Kandi ate a few slices of the regenerating mexican wrestler she was given, and so on.

A small party developed in Arctic Fox’s dining room. Red Scarab had a magic flask of bourbon that would never empty. Kandi came to the party, and Avery played the violin for entertainment. Vikas arrived late, quite upset that he was not invited. Avery politely forced him to leave.

The party was over shortly after Vikas’ explosion. Scarab passing out, and Avery putting Fox to bed.

Things were going quite peaceful until around 1AM. Vikas had been hanging out with Mal and Ethan, who was sitting on one of the couches curled up drawing terrible pictures of door monsters eating people, when Savage came in wanting to know about the mission.

Vikas still angry about not being invited to the party and upset about how badly the mission had gone in him mind, explained to Vandal Savage how it had been a failure from the beginning. How his recon exercise had gone south when he had been abandoned by Zeitgeist and Avery. How when the fighting had started they had fought openly and recklessly, and how everyone seemed to have their own opinions and no one seemed to want to follow proper command.

Savage gave Vikas a good tongue lashing, explaining how the group was a bunch of insane villains and he should have realized that in the beginning. During this time it became rather clear that Zeitgeist may have had something to do with the SUV attack.

Others of the group began coming out and explaining things further to Savage. Finally forcing them to wake up Avery and a very tipsy Arctic Fox.

Everyone assembled Savage basically said that while the methods were a bit…. odd…. that was to be expected, the mission was a success and that’s what really mattered. Vikas would have nothing of it and continued to insist that it was a failure. Other party members agreed somewhere between Savage and Vikas.

After everyone was calmed down, they all went back to bed and slept….

…until 600 AM when Wakey wakey happened. Arctic Fox did not mind, he had already been awake since 530 AM. Avery woke 15 minutes before him, because he was a butler.

Most of the others were pretty upset about the wake up, but the calmed down after a bit.

During the next day, Avery (deciding he needed more supplies for his master) walked into the restricted area (nearly) without notice. Vikas saw and tried to follow but was forced back by guards. Somehow no one saw Avery walk in, it must be a butler thing. And indeed it was, it would not have worked unless he had been doing butler things.

Confused Vikas went off to talk with the Arctic Fox, who was trying his darndest to figure out the danger room….

After the brief hilarity of Fox and Vikas nearly getting sliced and diced (Vikas figured out the right combination of buttons to press) apparently level 13 is a little too high. Vikas and Fox forgot what they were talking about and went off to talk with the rest of the group.

Avery returned later, put his supplies away and began to clean Arctic Fox’s rooms, while the rest of the party was meeting up discussing the next mission. Fox the new leader received a datapad that he could use to review old and new missions.

While cleaning Avery discovered a pile of dusty papers. Seeing that they were filthy and dusty, Avery decided to throw all the papers away. It turned out that all of these papers were important papers about the group and missions.

While Avery cleaned and incinerated papers, the rest of the party was informed that they had a new mission. It was time to suit up and head out!

Showdown in Somalia! Part 1
Try and open the rusty iron door with your sword... but be stealthy about it.

Shlub’s Very Detailed Report

This is Shlub the Shadow Imp’s report for Mr. Savage the wonderful man with the scary eye patch and the delicious burritos! As you know Shulb is just a tiny shadow… no one can really see Shlub, and no one can really affect Shulb. Shulbs main skill is watching and reporting.

After the Death Runner fellow pushed the large ice sled into the city outskirts the demon princely one spotted the ARMOR meeting area and singled the group so that they could go and investigate.

The party, paranoid, sneaked their way into the ARMOR building (an old airplane hangar with lots of cool old stuff) having the mortal walk in front, very smart.

Inside the building (after a bunch of sneaking around and drama) the party met up with the Red Scarab.

THE RED SCARAB: Some sort of old, drunk, bitter villain that now works for ARMOR. Shulb thinks he may be a bit unbalanced…

The Red Scarab told the party (Task Force: Death is it?) that they were to infiltrate a fortress on the Somalian coast outside side the city. Once inside they were to execute (murder in cold blood) a group of higher ups. The general mooks in the fort can be killed or not… it doesn’t matter. Scarab also told them that the fortress should be fairly lightly fortified with no supers. But if an alarm were to sound, other forces would arrive in the base within 15 minutes.

The Task Force Fools argued for hours about the best way to enter the base. The demon (Vikas) wanted to do a stealth assault, others wanted to attack from the water, some wanted to trick their way in, some wanted more information… Avery Quinn thought a direct assault through the massive minefield, up the gigantic thick walls, destroy the massive AA/Anti-tank guns, and fight the hundreds of guards with giant guns. Shulb liked that plan best….

Finally Arctic Fox managed to convince the group that they needed more information. Vikas, Quinn and Ethan/Zeitgeist were chosen to go.

Mr. Malcolm practice went off on his own during the argument on how to attack the fortress. He came back with a number of weapons (small arms and artillery), two trucks and a Somalian gentleman, oh and everything was covered in blood for some reason… oh well… the party had wheels.

“See surveillance footage recovered, Codename: Mesmerize, Murder, Murder, Murder, Suicide.”

Vikas, Quinn and Ethan/Zeitgeist went off to gather information about the bases layout, Shulb tagged along… they didn’t notice.

See Red Scarab’s report on what Arctic Fox, Mal Practice and the rest did while the others were away.

Red Scarab: We played cards! I think the Doctor one cheated….

The survey party ventured through the city and towards the fortress, they parked within viewing distance of the fort. Vikas covered in a tarp began to observe the fortress through a pair of binoculars, hoping to use his FATAL FLAW to find a proper way of entry into the base.

While Vikas was acting a fool, under a tarp, Avery Quinn wandered off to a house nearby muttering about bing filthy. Apparently he wanted to go clean up….

The Ghost apparently saw something of interest. A group of vehicles going through the village (shanty town) they were in and continuing towards the fortress in the distance. The Ghost apparently thought it would be interesting to animate the tires of the lead suv… and make said tires explode. The entire SUV went up sending the Ghost (and his sword) flying into the desert.

With the lead car disabled a group of around 80 men got out of the caravan of vehicles looking around…they must be paranoid too… they noticed the only thing of interest. A truck parked a little bit away with a demon (covered in canvas) peering out through a giant pair of observation tower binoculars…. at the base they were heading too.

The 80+ men somehow snuck up behind Vikas, as he tried to focus the 200 lbs pair of binoculars.

At this moment Avery Quinn came out of the… house (hovel) a fair distance away and saw what was going down. He looked perfectly clean… somehow…. but not for long. He bounded his way at amazing speed towards to group of strangers. Landing on (and then threw) one of the soldiers. At the same moment Vikas turned and noticed the group and dove behind his truck for protection. Half of the soldiers lit up the truck with automatic weapons, while the other half lit up Avery. Oh and Shulb forgot to mention one had an antitank gun (on one of the SUVs) and another had a Plasma Gun, which makes the anti-tank gun look like a squirt gun.

Avery Quinn began tearing through opponents taking blasts from all around. The truck that Vikas was hiding behind exploded, stunning him. He had to make a run for it, getting torn up pretty bad. Amazingly he was able to regenerate the damage quickly.

A group of the bad guys looked bit different than the rest. Three men (with briefcases, one in a turban) looked very leader like, and nine others looked oddly similar in their black suits. The nine men grabbed the three and fly away! Toward the fortress, Baron Zeitgeist managed to slow them down through possession while Avery fought the group of baddies and Vikas tried not to get his head blown off…. There were around 70 of them with automatic weapons… plus an anti-tank and a plasma gun….

Avery managed to disable the Anti-tank gun, and kill a bunch of mooks. Meanwhile Vikas managed to steal a truck to make their escape. The Baron was still slowing the supers down in the sky. At this time the fortress doors opened up…. and things got interesting…. tanks a lot of them started pouring out…. It was time to leave.

Vikas swung the truck around. Avery did a leap and tore apart the plasma gunner taking the plasma gun and then leaping up onto the back of the truck. Zeitgeist flew over to the truck, in the body of one of the suited flying supers. He had a briefcase with him. Avery and Zeitgeist noticed at this time that the nine supers were all some sort of clones.

Vikas (with Avery and Zeitgeist) put the petal to the metal and tore off in the truck. Avery poured plasma over the nearby soldiers. This is when the giant combat helicopters rose up out of the fortress walls and began to chase the truck…. This is when Shulb decided that it was a shame that these guys were only going to last half an adventure.

Vikas drove like a madman through the city streets. The helicopters closing in. Eventually he began to drive through buildings eventually crashing inside an opium den…. he then got out and ran away.

Avery ate part of the soul of the man Zeitgeist was possessing (he was going to die anyway… crashing through a building will do that) and Avery with Zeitgeist began to run on away on foot. Avery went the direct route, though a few dozen walls, that was until a look of rage overtook him… holding Zeitgeist’s blade Avery spider climbed up a building’s wall and leaped towards one of the helicopters. Landing on the cockpit… he then slew the helicopter… with the sword. Avery, Zeitgeist and the helicopter then fell to earth, getting split up.

This is when Shlub decided it may be best to go back to the ARMOR base……

Back at the base Vikas was explaining to the rest what had happened. Zeitgeist and Avery arrived separately a little while later. Avery was somehow back in a spotless suit….creepy.

Vikas mentioned that while he did not get a full view of the base. He did notice a possible way of entry. There was an old sewer hatch within the minefield that should lead into the base. Red Scarab mentioned that ARMOR should also be able to supply the team with mini submarines… see he is not all there.

It was decided that Arctic Fox, Avery and Mal Practice would enter the base by water with the subs. While Zeitgeist and Vikas would go through the sewer entrance. The Baron would be able to ghostform Vikas for long enough to get through the minefield.

The thought of going through a minefield or being in the ocean when Shulb can’t swim did not appeal to Shulb.

Instead Shulb took to the sky! Shulb floated above the fortress looking down. Shlub has very good eyes so he saw a great many things up there.

Shlub saw Vikas and the Baron ghost go all ghostly and float through the minefield and into the sewer tunnel.

Meanwhile Shlub saw Fox, Avery and Mal out in the ocean on a raft of ice! They received an ARMOR drop, which contained the underwater sub attachments. Basically breathing gear, and propellers with handles… again I was sorry to see them die on their first mission. The Aqua team then used the devices to swim towards the fortress, submerging when they got close.

Shlub couldn’t see anyone for a while then… and Shlub got bored. Shlub was resting his eyes when Shub was woken up to sirens! Looking around Shlub saw chaos!

Vikas and the Baron were in the base… heading towards the main building. A giant squid creature was tearing apart a boat in the harbour! And Arctic Fox, Malcolm Practice and Avery Quinn were along the bases shoreline climbing out of the water. Avery had what appeared to be a squid’s tentacle and a harpoon sticking out of him… he looked a bit worse for wear….

Oh well the sirens are going wild now….. Shlub is going to finish his report. Obviously Task Force Death is going to die shortly. It will be very sad… but at least Shlub survived.

Oh and you may be wondering where Death Runner and Kandi Laveau have been during this time. Red Scarab took them aside early after meeting them and said he had something special planned for them. Maybe they will survive… Shlub doubts it.

The Adventure Begins!
ARMOR must be desperate.

The hallway had no doors, no windows. A faint humming sound came up from the floor.

My master (the famous Arctic Fox) and I (Avery Quinn, butler) walked down the hallway, it was rather pleasant to be back in uniform. At the end of the hallway a door appeared and opened. With no other choice we walked through the doorway and into a large room that looked like an auditorium. Other than rows of chairs and a few tables of to one side, the room was empty. We waited.

And waited. I began looking around cleaning up as I went along… testing the walls strength incase we may need to escape.

Finally a section of the wall opened up. A main in a full bodied green suit entered. He was slightly overweight and smelled… worldly…. there was sin on his soul… We licked my lips…

He did not seem interested in myself nor my master and sat to one side far away from the two of us. Smart man…

Shortly after a young man entered the room. He looked like he had a great weight on his shoulders… but that may have been the massive sword strapped to his back. His soul smelled stale… not to interesting… but there was a faint smell of power.

Then walked in a surprise… I have never seen a Raa’Shavaian in the mortal realm. We should be on our guard. The Draay are killers. He acted like a fool… a hick from midwest America. It must have been an act… thankfully refreshments had arrived and I was able to serve him (and the rest) refreshments. Serving him was expected for one at our.. my station, we was a noble after all. Smelling him… I smelled human filth… This dark prince had lowered himself to this… when he should be leading armies from the pits of hell…. disgusting… But still our better our masters will want to know, for now we watch and play nice..

After the filth a whore walked in. She smelled rank… like a soul that had begun to rot. Obviously undead… disgusting… quite she reminds me of the Dark Voodoo Mystery. Other than the being a corpse part, the woman was quite fetching…. the demon and other young men seemed quite taken with her… until they got close… fools.

I busied myself him refreshments and cleaning. Keeping busy…. There were an assortment of vegetable trays in the corner now. I brought them around to everyone.

Then came in the final member of our group. He appeared out of the floor, bound and blindfolded… A name tag was pinned to his shirt which read “Malcolm Practice”. Ah our shrink… delicious.

For some insane reason the rest of the group untied the man, rather than eat him… only the whore was disappointed. Noted.

There had been some sort of film playing on one of the walls for the last while. Propaganda music playing softly… I ignored it while I cleaned and served. The others made small talk and introduced themselves. It turned out that the young man with the sword could turn into a german ghost… a baron…. more nobility…. I mentioned my name when asked, but continued my duties, serving pork chops to the man in the green suit (a speedster, and a thief known as Death Runner)and the demon prince (Vikas). The pork was poorly cooked, I made a note to talk to the cook.

A black man with an eyepatch was the next to enter, he introduced himself as Vandal Savage the leader of ARMOR. He told us that we were either going to serve him or die. Typical. And of course we all decided to serve him. We were to be some sort of secret government task force. Going on missions would reduce my masters prison sentence, which would mean that perhaps he would find a lovely young bride… finally… and would allow me to continue to serve the family… and keep the world from ending. That would be slightly annoying now that I think about it. So it seemed like a good deal.

After the zombie (a miss Kandi Laveau) was allowed to feed. Some of the others have such weak stomachs…. Mr. Savage revealed that our first mision was in Somalia of all places, we were to air drop into one of the cities where we would meet up with a contact already on the ground.

Savage then revealed that we were already on route to Somalia and one of the walls in the room parted to show a planes cargo bay. There were five of parachutes, and seven of us…. the demon had wings so I assume he could fly. He can. So we were all set.

The others equipped themselves with parachutes and gear, I helped my master with his.

Once we were prepared the cargo bay door opened wide. The demon flew out, followed by the five with the parachutes… I followed after. Climbing out the cargo bay door and leaping off in the direction the parachutes.

I landed first.

Dusting myself off the rest of the party landed around me. I took note that the demon was carrying my master… so the world and my time nearly ended… again.

We were a ways outside of town. My master fashioned a land craft out of ice for Death Runner to push. Master Fox, Mr. Practice, and Miss Laveau climbed on board, and Death Runner pushed the craft through the sand towards to city. Vikas the demon prince flew after, while I holding the Barons sword bounded along leaping in the air.

This was going to be interesting. Quite.

Useful Game Links

Bad at drawing? Aren’t we all. Want a cool character portrait? Use HeroMachine 2.5.

A decent overview of the FATE system, with quite a lot of overlap with ICONS, is powered by the Open Game License, and thus is Free FATE.

Of course, there is also Tri-Fold FATE, the entire rules on one 8×11 sheet of paper.

The ICONS Wiki is one of the most useful sites out there for rules and system support, and includes a lot of the house rules I’m adapting.

ICONS Assemble is a nifty character generator that gives you an idea of the various horrors and wonders of the system’s random generation rules.

And, I almost forgot… ICONS Character Sheets.

A Brief Pregame Overview

For characters, I was thinking that they can fall into one of three groups, to give some more diversity (and group complexity). Something to think about when finalizing a character’s bio.

White Hats: Somebody with a crime-fighting background whose actions or methods have placed them on the wrong side of the law… but whose ideals and loyalty are trustworthy. In other words, somebody who’s broken the law either accidentally, or in was approved of by leadership. Most often, as long as they perform well and don’t try anything fishy, they’re allowed more freedom… small comfort when you’re stuck trusting villains. Someone like the Punisher would fall here: a character with a code of honor, who only goes after criminals, but whose morals (and methods) are more than questionable. The DC Suicide Squad included Rick Flagg, a hotheaded and depressive government agent, and Bronze Tiger, a hero who’d been brainwashed by the Guild of Assassins and didn’t fully trust himself to do good yet.

Grey Hats: A character who’s committed real crimes, lacks strong ties to law enforcement or the government, who has psychological issues, maybe a split supers/normal personality, and is a moderate security risk. Perhaps the character is less selfish in their crimes, working towards a noble cause in all the wrong ways; maybe they have a desire for redemption, or want to have their psychological issue “fixed” by professionals. In any case, there’s something keeping this character in line and working: fear of punishment, a code of ethics, hope for the future, what have you. Maybe even a death-wish. In some cases, they might be trusted enough not to be restrained or contained in the field.

A few examples include Magneto, a man trying to defend mutantkind but going too far in the process, who later undergoes redemption; also the Hulk, a brilliant scientist sharing a life with a childlike force of nature, who might want either freedom from the Hulk’s bestial body, or to merge their two minds. DC’s Black Adam comes to mind, someone with the potential for good, benevolent ideals, and strict moral boundaries, but who does things most heroes consider reprehensible.

Black Hats: More of an out-and-out criminal. Someone who’s committed serious felonies, are deemed of low moral character, who have serious psychological/criminal pathologies, or who fit into the above. In general, their desires are personal: power, world domination, wealth beyond measure, the ruin of an adversary. (Dr. Doom covers three of those four.) Some are run-of-the-mill criminals, gangland Kingpins or everyday thugs. Most Batman villains, like Joker, Scarecrow, and Two-Face, fill the “seriously twisted pathology” holes; to a lesser extent, so does Lex Luthor. Others might be extra-terrestrial/extra-dimensional characters who view humans as slaves or sheep, like Loki, Darkseid, and Apocalypse.

In any event, they lack the moral code or ethics of a Grey or White Hat. While their… expertise is invaluable in certain situations, the strong preference is to restrict a Black Hat’s power in some way: a nanite-bomb in the head, an ancient mystical ritual limiting their powers, a post-mission memory wipe. Moreso than the others, Black Hats are considered expendable: nobody cries when a true bastard bites it, and there’s always more to fill their shoes. More often then not, they’re powerful enough to survive against any odds, much to their handlers’ disappointment.

Some notes

I realize there’s baggage that comes with both “supers” and “villains,” so a little clarification. I don’t want this to be the Superfriends or ‘60s Batman. Not only in that we’re dealing with the bad guys, but this isn’t the campy, four-color heroes you usually see. That was intentional. The idea is to have something dark, gritty, and mature, but on the other hand, there’s a difference between “mature, adult gaming” and going too far, either into sick stuff or frat-boy humor. And even in a serious game, there’s still a place for lighthearted moments, or pretty much any kind of character, even a more “comical” one (thinking of pretty much any Batman villain).

Given the dark tone and content matter, I don’t want anyone to get the idea I’m looking to kill off characters. I think that’s counter-productive to having players invested in developed characters. However, if you’re getting bored or want to try something new or whatever, there’s a way to get something new built into the concept. (Give me some hint of some sort, I’m not psychic.) Termination isn’t the only way, given the number of ways a character could be replaced: a loose cannon could overstep one too many boundaries in a mission and get jailed again; someone’s gadgets could fail, taking them out of action for a while; over-using powers could “burn out” a character temporarily; someone from another planet or dimension could give up and just go home.

Note that all of these options have something in common: they’re reversible (or to stick within the comics genre, can undergo a retcon), they have meaning for the characters (and hopefully players) as obstacles to overcome, even fulfill personal quests and involve heroic sacrifice. Even a temporary character can provide a dramatic gesture or leave an impact on the campaign. And as many characters have proven—-Superman, Captain America, Batman—-death is not finality.


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