Suicide Six

Game Changer


Alright…. With Vikas, Malcolm and Arctic Fox called away, Kandi was put in charge of the mission tablet.

Thumbing through the missions she picked one in Bulgaria, gathered Avery, Death Runner, and Zeitgeist and headed off to the shuttle bay, without clearance. Some how managing to convince the piolet to take them down.


Landing in Bulgaria they team split up into two groups, shortly before the shuttle was shot down on its way back to ARMOR.

DR and Kandi went straight in to the base and down the elevator. Avery and Zeit, jumped down a smoke tower and entered that way. Everyone met up in the base and began to search it for Dr. Zombie.

After searching for a while, and finding nothing but zombie drones….

except When Avery and Zeitgeist pulled a Scooby-Doo. Avery pretended to run into a room, chased by a ghost… Zeitgeist… unfortunately the room was full of zombie drones, so they didn’t notice.

Kandi got split up from the group….. Where she stumbled upon Dr Zombie being captured by some men in red armor while trying to escape. Unfortunately Kandi was also captured. Both were dropped in a shuttle bay, while the ROCKET RED’s looked for more intruders.

Meanwhile Avery, Death Runner and Zeitgeist ran across a horrible mutation. Something with the torso of a man, and arms…. that were the front of horses…. some how they managed to kill this monster… and weirdly zombie raccoons scuttled out afterwards….

Kandi managed to break free of he bonds and untie Zombie. Talking to him, he was surprised that Task Force Death was there a week early. A week early, just in time! The Russians had some how found out he was a double agent. Zombie told Kandi that he was close to discovering a cure for her and that his wife had been taken by the Russians.

Chasing down the raccoons the rest of TFD ran across the ROCKET REDS! Killing all but one, they forced him to tell them their plans. Avery was forced to promise that they would not harm him first though.

It turns out that the ROCKET RED soldiers are some sort of mutant midget half formed embryonic humans that are forced to live in these Russian exo-suits. They were just soldiers under orders, told to capture Zombie. His name was Pitor and he knew where Zombies wife was, whoever she is.

Forcing “Pete” to come with them the group met up in the landing bay. Pete activated one of the shuttles, the party, Pete, Zombie and his pet zombie raccoons escaped the base in a heli-shuttle right before the entire place went nuclear.

Arriving back at the ARMOR space station things were a little… confused. ARMOR had scheduled the Bulgaria to happen in a week…. Arctic Fox, Malcolm and Vikas desperately needed the groups help. Leaving Dr Zombie to relax, and Pete with the Quartermaster, the group jumped in a shuttle and took off to save the rest of the group!

Landing in the middle of a firefight, Avery went to work destroying the helicopters while the rest took out the group troops and went to Fox and Malcolm who were pinned down and under fire. Punching a hole out… on an animated tank…. Fox, Malcolm, Kandi, Death Runner, Avery, Zeitgeist, and the tank managed to get on board the shuttle just as it took off. Vikas flying as fast as he could behind was almost left behind, be he managed to get on board in the nick of time.

The entire party together once again they headed back to the ARMOR space station.

Closing in on the station though…. something went wrong. Sirens went off, lights flashed…

cut to five minuets earlier
The Quartermaster pressing a button on Pete wondering what this button does…
cut back

The shuttle did a sharp bank away from the base. Escape pods were shooting out of the base all over…. and then the entire ARMOR space station exploded!

The party looked from their shuttle window in horror. Well actually indifference… some were upset about their stuff.

The Shuttle returned to earth, landing on Arizona at SHIELD HQ 2.

Disembarking the party were brought to their new rooms, small cells.

Left there the party went off to find out what had happened and to gather information.


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