Suicide Six

Off the tracks

I have brought your sacrifice my Queen....

The party headed to the Icelandic factory which was across a bay.

Entering the factory the party found it empty of people. Searching the office and then the main factory there was no sign of anyone who worked there.

That was until they noticed a man in the factory control room. Avery, Arctic Fox, and Kandi attacked the man, a strange man in a purple suit, a warlock collar and a number of technical devices on his body.

The fight was quite tough and the party found out that the Warlock was here to take Vikas away.

Avery managed to kill the Warlock (rolling a 15) by jumping on him from above. Unfortunately this attack destroyed the entire factory.

While the party was picking themselves out of the rubble, Death Runner ran across something distressing… a 15 foot tall man talking with the same Warlock the others had been fighting.

Reporting to Fox, the entire party assembled and went to investigate the giant and the warlock.

Confronting the giant they learned that it was the Titan Cronus, god or time and space, he too was in search of Vikas and had plans to take him. Malcolm Practice had other ideas though. Engaging his mind control powers on the giant Malcolm ordered the titan to give him all of his powers! Cronus nearly completely hypnotized was forced to hand over nearly all of his godlike powers to Malcolm Practice, his titan body crumpled to the ground, in a deep coma.

Suddenly reality shifted. Everything got much darker and bleaker. Our heros took on darker grimmer looks. Something was different, something had been changed.

Investigating the Titans body they learned that it was still linked to Malcolm Practice, what happened to it, happened to Malcolm and vice versa.

Waves of memories, not their own washed over the party, they remembered their old history, as well as this new worlds history. A bleaker world where ARMOR hunted and killed all metahumnas now, rather than captured the villains.

Avery Quinn had a dilemma, suddenly the pact that had kept his demon side mostly at bay was… if not broken, drastically changed. The demon, that had been part of him for so long, held at bay, was freer than ever before.

Unable to control this new side of him, and wanting desperately for this new world to go back to the way it had been. Avery called out to his demon queen, telling her to come forth, to return Cronus’ powers and prevent this Armageddon.

A five mile tear opened up above them, a gateway to hell. Massive ships made of bone and ice poured out of the gateway, covered with demonic foot soldiers.

At this time, Malcolm and Vikas decided it was time to scram, and they ran back to the ARMOR base to regroup and plan.

Moments after the gateway had opened a skiff made out of some hideous half living creature landed and a demonic lieutenant came out and walked up to Avery. The lieutenant said that he had been sent by their Queen and that she had decided it was time to begin the invasion of earth, all Avery had to do was turn over Vikas.

Avery, didn’t much want the world to end, or the demonic invasion to happen…. the demon also felt conflicted, it had served the Queen for eternity, but it did not want this world (nor Fox) who he had come to care fore be destroyed and forever changed. Avery demanded the lieutenant to bring him and his group to see the Queen, that this changes to reality were bad news and things needed to be reported. The demon lieutenant disagreed at first, but Avery was firm.

Arctic Fox, Avery Quinn, Kandi and Death Runner boarder the monstrous skiff and were piloted off into the rift.

Meanwhile, Vikas and Malcolm returned to the Icelandic base, finding Red Scarab there, changed as well. He was drunk, muttering about how things were not right, how things were not as they were supposed to be….. that they had never told him that it would be like this…. these things had never happened… what was different, what was the same…. ADD MORE*

Entering the rift to the Queens realm, Avery changed dramatically. Where once stood a short overweight butler, who just happened to have a demon inside his head, stood that very demon, with a butler inside his head.

This was the moment that Avery Quinn and the Demon, Far Dorocha ceased being two minds within one body. Their minds and soul became one (note… MIND*S* and SOUL) no longer was their an enternal conflict between the two. Now the were Avery Quinn / Far Dorocha melded completely. No longer did the demon have any confliction, no longer did Avery for that matter. They may serve the Queen due to their bonds, but their heart and loyalty belonged only to Arctic Fox and the Earth.

The skiff landed at the Queens palace. A enormas fortress surrounded by ice and bone. Demonic warships and troops were everywhere. With a word from Fox to Avery, “don’t forget, you follow me” they entered.

Escorted to the Queens throne room, Avery the Demon addressed her. He told his queen that the Scion (Vikas) could be captured, but was that really the best thing? With the world so messed up, wouldn’t it be far better to restore the Titan Cronos, without killing Malcolm Practice?

The Queen disagreed. It became apparent to Avery that the Queen was planning on using this temporal confusion to attack the earth,

Earth-A Day 1 – 720p Party meets Cronos
Earth-A Day 1 – 722p Malcolm steals Cronos powers
Earth-A/B Day 1 – 722.5p Reality shifts from earth A to earth B, everything becomes more evil
Earth B Day 1 – 726p very summons his queen
Earth B Day 1 – 727p Vikas and Malcolm-Titan flee back to the Iceland ARMOR base.
Earth B day 1 – 727p Kandi takes control on the Titans body.
Earth B day 1 – 729 Demons land, Avery convinces them to take him, DR, AF and Kandi to his Queen’s realm.
Earth B day 1 730 Malcolm B and Vikas B get to the base and meet Red Scarab B.
Earth B
HELL – 1 day 1 730 Avery’s group enter hell. Avery switches form Human with a demon in his head, to demon with a human in his head. Known fully as Avery B(demon)
Earth B
HELL – 1 day 1 734 Avery B(demon)‘s group enters queens castle.
Earth B
HELL – 1 day 1 738 Avery B (demon) talks with his queen, looking for a solution to all of this
Earth B
HELL – 1 day 1 739 Avery B (demon) and Arctic Fox B decide to do the old switcheroo.
Earth B
DOORWAYS – ? day 1 740 Avery B (demon) party enters the gates, where they run into purple warlock…. they convince him to lead them to the proper door. One that will lead to the Icelandic base the moment they had stepped through the hellgate.
Earth B/C day 1 740.5p &
-16 425
afternoon They step into past, changing earth B (and maybe A) creating earth C
Earth C day
-16 425
afternoon They travel to ARMOR HQ in brooklyn where they convince winters that they are from the future.
Earth C day
-16 425
afternoon ARMOR builds the Icelandic base and places the team in suspended animation underneath.
Earth C day between day -16425 and day 1 Red Scarab is given the task to unfreeze TFDeath at the correct time. Which is day 1 730.
Earth C day 1 735 Red Scarab opens door 5 min late.
Earth C day 1 736 talk to vikas
Earth C day 1 739 open doorway to Hell
Earth C
Hell-1 day 1 740 appear in hell, even though this is the time they left to go to the doorways, there would be no overlap since in Hell 1 time flows differently and there was no overlap. Even if there is, there isnt.
Earth C
Hell-1 day 1 741 Queen fight, Malcolm opens new portal that leads to earth D
Earth D day -4 whenever Appear back on space station
Earth D day -4 whenever Send bomb through
Earth D day -4 Whenever Demons attack.

uhhhh so B is the parallel of A, only WoD’ed…. but because of the back in time thing B has become C….. D is alone, it really could be and altered A or totally new. Also it is unknown if B is removed, if C will disappear too. I kinda assume not, so C & A can live together with or without B. D can not be B or Current C because in the B world we would not have been in the ARMOR base….. But if B is removed, the D could be C…. but it wasn’t yet, so it’s not.


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