Suicide Six

Showdown in Somalia! Part 1

Try and open the rusty iron door with your sword... but be stealthy about it.

Shlub’s Very Detailed Report

This is Shlub the Shadow Imp’s report for Mr. Savage the wonderful man with the scary eye patch and the delicious burritos! As you know Shulb is just a tiny shadow… no one can really see Shlub, and no one can really affect Shulb. Shulbs main skill is watching and reporting.

After the Death Runner fellow pushed the large ice sled into the city outskirts the demon princely one spotted the ARMOR meeting area and singled the group so that they could go and investigate.

The party, paranoid, sneaked their way into the ARMOR building (an old airplane hangar with lots of cool old stuff) having the mortal walk in front, very smart.

Inside the building (after a bunch of sneaking around and drama) the party met up with the Red Scarab.

THE RED SCARAB: Some sort of old, drunk, bitter villain that now works for ARMOR. Shulb thinks he may be a bit unbalanced…

The Red Scarab told the party (Task Force: Death is it?) that they were to infiltrate a fortress on the Somalian coast outside side the city. Once inside they were to execute (murder in cold blood) a group of higher ups. The general mooks in the fort can be killed or not… it doesn’t matter. Scarab also told them that the fortress should be fairly lightly fortified with no supers. But if an alarm were to sound, other forces would arrive in the base within 15 minutes.

The Task Force Fools argued for hours about the best way to enter the base. The demon (Vikas) wanted to do a stealth assault, others wanted to attack from the water, some wanted to trick their way in, some wanted more information… Avery Quinn thought a direct assault through the massive minefield, up the gigantic thick walls, destroy the massive AA/Anti-tank guns, and fight the hundreds of guards with giant guns. Shulb liked that plan best….

Finally Arctic Fox managed to convince the group that they needed more information. Vikas, Quinn and Ethan/Zeitgeist were chosen to go.

Mr. Malcolm practice went off on his own during the argument on how to attack the fortress. He came back with a number of weapons (small arms and artillery), two trucks and a Somalian gentleman, oh and everything was covered in blood for some reason… oh well… the party had wheels.

“See surveillance footage recovered, Codename: Mesmerize, Murder, Murder, Murder, Suicide.”

Vikas, Quinn and Ethan/Zeitgeist went off to gather information about the bases layout, Shulb tagged along… they didn’t notice.

See Red Scarab’s report on what Arctic Fox, Mal Practice and the rest did while the others were away.

Red Scarab: We played cards! I think the Doctor one cheated….

The survey party ventured through the city and towards the fortress, they parked within viewing distance of the fort. Vikas covered in a tarp began to observe the fortress through a pair of binoculars, hoping to use his FATAL FLAW to find a proper way of entry into the base.

While Vikas was acting a fool, under a tarp, Avery Quinn wandered off to a house nearby muttering about bing filthy. Apparently he wanted to go clean up….

The Ghost apparently saw something of interest. A group of vehicles going through the village (shanty town) they were in and continuing towards the fortress in the distance. The Ghost apparently thought it would be interesting to animate the tires of the lead suv… and make said tires explode. The entire SUV went up sending the Ghost (and his sword) flying into the desert.

With the lead car disabled a group of around 80 men got out of the caravan of vehicles looking around…they must be paranoid too… they noticed the only thing of interest. A truck parked a little bit away with a demon (covered in canvas) peering out through a giant pair of observation tower binoculars…. at the base they were heading too.

The 80+ men somehow snuck up behind Vikas, as he tried to focus the 200 lbs pair of binoculars.

At this moment Avery Quinn came out of the… house (hovel) a fair distance away and saw what was going down. He looked perfectly clean… somehow…. but not for long. He bounded his way at amazing speed towards to group of strangers. Landing on (and then threw) one of the soldiers. At the same moment Vikas turned and noticed the group and dove behind his truck for protection. Half of the soldiers lit up the truck with automatic weapons, while the other half lit up Avery. Oh and Shulb forgot to mention one had an antitank gun (on one of the SUVs) and another had a Plasma Gun, which makes the anti-tank gun look like a squirt gun.

Avery Quinn began tearing through opponents taking blasts from all around. The truck that Vikas was hiding behind exploded, stunning him. He had to make a run for it, getting torn up pretty bad. Amazingly he was able to regenerate the damage quickly.

A group of the bad guys looked bit different than the rest. Three men (with briefcases, one in a turban) looked very leader like, and nine others looked oddly similar in their black suits. The nine men grabbed the three and fly away! Toward the fortress, Baron Zeitgeist managed to slow them down through possession while Avery fought the group of baddies and Vikas tried not to get his head blown off…. There were around 70 of them with automatic weapons… plus an anti-tank and a plasma gun….

Avery managed to disable the Anti-tank gun, and kill a bunch of mooks. Meanwhile Vikas managed to steal a truck to make their escape. The Baron was still slowing the supers down in the sky. At this time the fortress doors opened up…. and things got interesting…. tanks a lot of them started pouring out…. It was time to leave.

Vikas swung the truck around. Avery did a leap and tore apart the plasma gunner taking the plasma gun and then leaping up onto the back of the truck. Zeitgeist flew over to the truck, in the body of one of the suited flying supers. He had a briefcase with him. Avery and Zeitgeist noticed at this time that the nine supers were all some sort of clones.

Vikas (with Avery and Zeitgeist) put the petal to the metal and tore off in the truck. Avery poured plasma over the nearby soldiers. This is when the giant combat helicopters rose up out of the fortress walls and began to chase the truck…. This is when Shulb decided that it was a shame that these guys were only going to last half an adventure.

Vikas drove like a madman through the city streets. The helicopters closing in. Eventually he began to drive through buildings eventually crashing inside an opium den…. he then got out and ran away.

Avery ate part of the soul of the man Zeitgeist was possessing (he was going to die anyway… crashing through a building will do that) and Avery with Zeitgeist began to run on away on foot. Avery went the direct route, though a few dozen walls, that was until a look of rage overtook him… holding Zeitgeist’s blade Avery spider climbed up a building’s wall and leaped towards one of the helicopters. Landing on the cockpit… he then slew the helicopter… with the sword. Avery, Zeitgeist and the helicopter then fell to earth, getting split up.

This is when Shlub decided it may be best to go back to the ARMOR base……

Back at the base Vikas was explaining to the rest what had happened. Zeitgeist and Avery arrived separately a little while later. Avery was somehow back in a spotless suit….creepy.

Vikas mentioned that while he did not get a full view of the base. He did notice a possible way of entry. There was an old sewer hatch within the minefield that should lead into the base. Red Scarab mentioned that ARMOR should also be able to supply the team with mini submarines… see he is not all there.

It was decided that Arctic Fox, Avery and Mal Practice would enter the base by water with the subs. While Zeitgeist and Vikas would go through the sewer entrance. The Baron would be able to ghostform Vikas for long enough to get through the minefield.

The thought of going through a minefield or being in the ocean when Shulb can’t swim did not appeal to Shulb.

Instead Shulb took to the sky! Shulb floated above the fortress looking down. Shlub has very good eyes so he saw a great many things up there.

Shlub saw Vikas and the Baron ghost go all ghostly and float through the minefield and into the sewer tunnel.

Meanwhile Shlub saw Fox, Avery and Mal out in the ocean on a raft of ice! They received an ARMOR drop, which contained the underwater sub attachments. Basically breathing gear, and propellers with handles… again I was sorry to see them die on their first mission. The Aqua team then used the devices to swim towards the fortress, submerging when they got close.

Shlub couldn’t see anyone for a while then… and Shlub got bored. Shlub was resting his eyes when Shub was woken up to sirens! Looking around Shlub saw chaos!

Vikas and the Baron were in the base… heading towards the main building. A giant squid creature was tearing apart a boat in the harbour! And Arctic Fox, Malcolm Practice and Avery Quinn were along the bases shoreline climbing out of the water. Avery had what appeared to be a squid’s tentacle and a harpoon sticking out of him… he looked a bit worse for wear….

Oh well the sirens are going wild now….. Shlub is going to finish his report. Obviously Task Force Death is going to die shortly. It will be very sad… but at least Shlub survived.

Oh and you may be wondering where Death Runner and Kandi Laveau have been during this time. Red Scarab took them aside early after meeting them and said he had something special planned for them. Maybe they will survive… Shlub doubts it.


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