Suicide Six

Showdown in Somalia! Part 2

I get in the tank and start driving around.

When we last left our heroes they were in quite a bind. In case you have forgotten, Task Force Death was assigned the job of assassinating or capturing three leaders located in a Fortress in Somalia.

Ethan/Zeitgeist and Vikas were on top of the main building planning on entering the building through the roof. Avery, and the Arctic Fox had just emerged from the water, sneaking through the fortress docks, forgetting about Malcolm Practice who was off making friends with the monster squid.

Death Runner & Kandi had been given another task earlier but had been just sent to assist the rest of the party.

Everything gets a little confusing from here on in… but here we go.

Malcolm’s new squid friend attacks the patrol boat, the fortress alarms start blaring.

Death Runner and Kandi assault the main gate. DR throws one of the pillbox gun towers (the giant heavy ones) at the second. Kandi played dead. And then they destroyed the main gate.

Sirens blared. Zeitgeist phased through the roof floor, slowly going down into the bowels of the complex. Vikas used the distraction to head down the roof stairs into the main building.

Kandi took over one of the AA guns in the confusion and leveled it at some of the fortress buildings, destroying them.

Suddenly AA fire (and buildings) began raining down on Avery and Fox. Avery grabbed Fox and leaped away. Kandi, DR and Vikas all saw Avery leap over head across most of the fortress, land heavily and then crash through the ground.

Freefalling, Arctic Fox (still in Avery’s arms) used his ice powers to make a large slide to slow Avery and himself, as well as created a pile of snow at the bottom of the slide. They were in an elevator shaft, and there was an elevator below. Although they were slowed considerably, they still crashed through the top of the elevator, killing the ones within.

Zeitgeist stopped phasing when he reached the lowest floor in the complex, discovering that he was in the power generation room.

Above, Kandi and Death Runner fought the minions, those that were still alive that is. When Kandi saw that Avery had fallen through the ground, she ran over and leaped into the opening.
DR left alone grabbed one of the nearby tanks and began to demolish the base.

Vikas meanwhile had been working his way down through the building. He came across many computer rooms and such. Eventually he got into a fight with the BEARDED BOSS and his goons. Things were going well for Vikas, until the building collapsed around him, thanks Death Runner.

Avery and Fox had secured the hallway outside the elevator when Kandi arrived with a crash. She came crawling out of the wrecked elevator regenerating her injuries from the fall. The three then set out to explore the base. Which was suddenly under emergency lighting, the power going out for a reason unknown to them.

The reason was Zeitgeist. He had animated the turbines in the power plant… causing massive destruction. He was now working his way back up through the sub sub basement. Animating objects as he went to attack the goons he happened across.

Avery, Kandi and Fox explored the underground base, and came across Red Scarab who was projecting. He informed them that he had dealt with the internal security but the bad guys were planning on escaping through a set of escape pods… our heroes hurried along to stop them.

Death Runner continued to level the base in the tank. Destroying everything in sight.

Malcolm Practice swam around in the ocean.

Zeitgeist continued up to join the group.

Vikas woke up with the building crumbled around him, he found some important looking papers and documents (including proof that SCYLLA had something to do with this) and fled outside. Coming across Death Runner. Vikas had seen that there was a countdown clock inside. Knowing that the entire complex was going to explode, and that he didn’t have time to stop it, he grabbed DR and flew into the hole Avery created. Seeking the rest of the party and the escape pods.

Avery, Kandi and Fox found the escape pod room. BEARD BOSS and two of the super clones were there. Avery and Kandi tore them apart, while Fox used his ice powers to keep the bad guys from escaping. After killing all the bad guys, they set to work trying to figure out the escape pods… two of which had already been used… At this time Zeitgeist showed up, and the speakings chimed that in 5 minutes the fortress was going to self destruct.

With seconds to spare, Death Runner and Vikas showed up. Everyone argued about who should go in what pod… and then finally piled in.

The pods shot off and went up high into the sky…. higher and higher until a tractor beam caught them and dragged them into a space station docking bay…. yup.

Turns out that ARMOR has a space station. After the group weaseled around a bit they came across the Red Scarab who told them about the space station and took them to Jessica Rockford who debriefed them.

During the debriefing Vikas informed the party and ARMOR that he had found some important documents and that SCYLLA was involved. Fox informed everyone that his group had managed to kill the BEARD and two more super clones.

Jessica Rockford wanted to know why the party had split up and turned into an episode of Benny Hill. Fingers were pointed and Vikas decided that Fox was better suited to herd this pack
of cats. De-briefed, the group left and headed back the way they had came. Down a long hallway.

The Red Scarab met up with the group and showed them to their new digs.

The digs were two rooms that branched off a large hallway on either side. Each of these rooms were the same, common area lounge rooms. When you entered from the hallway there was two doorways leading to bedrooms on the left wall and two on the right wall. With two bathroom entrances along the wall opposite the hallway entrance.

The bedrooms were assigned, Kandi, Death Runner, Vikas and Ethan taking one set. Arctic Fox and Avery taking rooms in the other common area, that already housed Red Scarab. The final room was set aside for Malcolm who was apparently safe. Avery quickly gave up rights to his room, preferring to sleep near his master, on a small cot in the closet. He turned the room that was supposed to be his bedroom into Fox’s private dining and lounge area. It’s amazing how butlers can do things like that.

There was a cafeteria further down the hallway with a robotic machine that could dispense meals.

TF Death was informed that they (and the other Task Force groups) had free reign of their area of the station, the prisoners section, as long as they didn’t get out of line. But they were not allowed access to any restricted areas of the ship. Which was pretty much everything but the general area around their quarters.

Around this time Malcolm Practice was wheeled in, bound and blindfolded again…. Vikas set him free.

The entire group took a little R&R then, Vikas going to the cafeteria, Avery prepared dinner for his master and guest (Red Scarab), Kandi ate a few slices of the regenerating mexican wrestler she was given, and so on.

A small party developed in Arctic Fox’s dining room. Red Scarab had a magic flask of bourbon that would never empty. Kandi came to the party, and Avery played the violin for entertainment. Vikas arrived late, quite upset that he was not invited. Avery politely forced him to leave.

The party was over shortly after Vikas’ explosion. Scarab passing out, and Avery putting Fox to bed.

Things were going quite peaceful until around 1AM. Vikas had been hanging out with Mal and Ethan, who was sitting on one of the couches curled up drawing terrible pictures of door monsters eating people, when Savage came in wanting to know about the mission.

Vikas still angry about not being invited to the party and upset about how badly the mission had gone in him mind, explained to Vandal Savage how it had been a failure from the beginning. How his recon exercise had gone south when he had been abandoned by Zeitgeist and Avery. How when the fighting had started they had fought openly and recklessly, and how everyone seemed to have their own opinions and no one seemed to want to follow proper command.

Savage gave Vikas a good tongue lashing, explaining how the group was a bunch of insane villains and he should have realized that in the beginning. During this time it became rather clear that Zeitgeist may have had something to do with the SUV attack.

Others of the group began coming out and explaining things further to Savage. Finally forcing them to wake up Avery and a very tipsy Arctic Fox.

Everyone assembled Savage basically said that while the methods were a bit…. odd…. that was to be expected, the mission was a success and that’s what really mattered. Vikas would have nothing of it and continued to insist that it was a failure. Other party members agreed somewhere between Savage and Vikas.

After everyone was calmed down, they all went back to bed and slept….

…until 600 AM when Wakey wakey happened. Arctic Fox did not mind, he had already been awake since 530 AM. Avery woke 15 minutes before him, because he was a butler.

Most of the others were pretty upset about the wake up, but the calmed down after a bit.

During the next day, Avery (deciding he needed more supplies for his master) walked into the restricted area (nearly) without notice. Vikas saw and tried to follow but was forced back by guards. Somehow no one saw Avery walk in, it must be a butler thing. And indeed it was, it would not have worked unless he had been doing butler things.

Confused Vikas went off to talk with the Arctic Fox, who was trying his darndest to figure out the danger room….

After the brief hilarity of Fox and Vikas nearly getting sliced and diced (Vikas figured out the right combination of buttons to press) apparently level 13 is a little too high. Vikas and Fox forgot what they were talking about and went off to talk with the rest of the group.

Avery returned later, put his supplies away and began to clean Arctic Fox’s rooms, while the rest of the party was meeting up discussing the next mission. Fox the new leader received a datapad that he could use to review old and new missions.

While cleaning Avery discovered a pile of dusty papers. Seeing that they were filthy and dusty, Avery decided to throw all the papers away. It turned out that all of these papers were important papers about the group and missions.

While Avery cleaned and incinerated papers, the rest of the party was informed that they had a new mission. It was time to suit up and head out!


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