Suicide Six

Tango in Tijuana

booze, drugs, luchadores aaaaand hookers!

A high profile senator was kidnaped! Mexican druglords were ransoming him in Tijuana!

Task Force Death was sent to create a distraction while Zeitgeist would go in and rescue the senator. This distraction would entail them assaulting the druglords main drug factory.

Arriving by shuttle, the team was picked up by Gymnastika in a truck. She drove them to their Spanish translator Fernando.

While Fernando was bringing the party up to speed, Malcolm decided to leave the group and see if he could do a little mind magic on the factory leaders before the main party would assault the place.

Fernando brought them to a clinic in Tijuana to prepare for the attack and wait for Malcolm’s distraction.

Malcolm head out telling the party to wait 30 min before following. Before leaving he decided to do the group a favor and gave Vikas and Death Runner a large bottle of tequila.

DR and Vikas got drunk and got some hookers. Avery found out and disposed of the hookers.

Malcolm managed to use his mind powers to get into the factory, but failed when talking to the main boss… he was quickly subdued and driven off in the trunk of a car.

The thirty minuets up, the rest of the party stormed the factory. Avery, Vikas and Death Runner took out the main towers, while Kandi and Fox attacked the gate.

Unfortunately after taking out his tower Avery misjudged a jump and landed inside the factory covered in cocaine…. which unleashed the Demon. The Demon went on a killing spree inside the factory, while the rest of the group fought their way in. DR and Vikas were drunk and pretty much useless, so Kandi and Fox had to pick up the slack.

During the fight Vikas saw Avery with the Demon unleashed and realized for the first time that Avery was also a demon… or something simular. The plot thickens!

The climax of the fight happened with the entire party fighting super powered luchadores. Avery recovered his sanity at just the wrong time and the Green Luchador managed to throw him into a great made of COLD IRON! Powerless Avery nearly died, while Vikas looked on…. but not noticing Vikas’ plan, Fox managed to finish off Green and save Avery.

Avery, de-powered was overcome with the soul hunger and ate Fernando’s soul, killing him.

The party then took of heading out of Tijuana, looking for Malcolm. They met up with Zeitgeist and the senator, safe and sound.

Meanwhile Malcolm had been driven to the middle of no where and left in a cage. He managed to break free and flag down a truck… full of luchadores. Amazingly he was able to mind control them and had them drive him back to town.

The party reunited on a street in Tijuana. Malcolm had all of his new friends kill themselves in front of Vikas and the senator. Shortly after, ARMOR came and took the party back to the base.

Back at the base Savage was upset that Malcolm killed all the luchadores that could of given more information. He was also upset to hear about his cousin Fernando’s death. He was VERY upset when Vikas told him that it had been Avery who killed him.

Because of this betrayal, Arctic Fox a battered Avery paid a visit to Vikas while he slept. Waking him, he informed him in an icy cool manner that they are not yet enemies…. but he should watch himself…. and that because of him Avery’s other master now knows about Vikas.


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