Suicide Six

The Adventure Begins!

ARMOR must be desperate.

The hallway had no doors, no windows. A faint humming sound came up from the floor.

My master (the famous Arctic Fox) and I (Avery Quinn, butler) walked down the hallway, it was rather pleasant to be back in uniform. At the end of the hallway a door appeared and opened. With no other choice we walked through the doorway and into a large room that looked like an auditorium. Other than rows of chairs and a few tables of to one side, the room was empty. We waited.

And waited. I began looking around cleaning up as I went along… testing the walls strength incase we may need to escape.

Finally a section of the wall opened up. A main in a full bodied green suit entered. He was slightly overweight and smelled… worldly…. there was sin on his soul… We licked my lips…

He did not seem interested in myself nor my master and sat to one side far away from the two of us. Smart man…

Shortly after a young man entered the room. He looked like he had a great weight on his shoulders… but that may have been the massive sword strapped to his back. His soul smelled stale… not to interesting… but there was a faint smell of power.

Then walked in a surprise… I have never seen a Raa’Shavaian in the mortal realm. We should be on our guard. The Draay are killers. He acted like a fool… a hick from midwest America. It must have been an act… thankfully refreshments had arrived and I was able to serve him (and the rest) refreshments. Serving him was expected for one at our.. my station, we was a noble after all. Smelling him… I smelled human filth… This dark prince had lowered himself to this… when he should be leading armies from the pits of hell…. disgusting… But still our better our masters will want to know, for now we watch and play nice..

After the filth a whore walked in. She smelled rank… like a soul that had begun to rot. Obviously undead… disgusting… quite she reminds me of the Dark Voodoo Mystery. Other than the being a corpse part, the woman was quite fetching…. the demon and other young men seemed quite taken with her… until they got close… fools.

I busied myself him refreshments and cleaning. Keeping busy…. There were an assortment of vegetable trays in the corner now. I brought them around to everyone.

Then came in the final member of our group. He appeared out of the floor, bound and blindfolded… A name tag was pinned to his shirt which read “Malcolm Practice”. Ah our shrink… delicious.

For some insane reason the rest of the group untied the man, rather than eat him… only the whore was disappointed. Noted.

There had been some sort of film playing on one of the walls for the last while. Propaganda music playing softly… I ignored it while I cleaned and served. The others made small talk and introduced themselves. It turned out that the young man with the sword could turn into a german ghost… a baron…. more nobility…. I mentioned my name when asked, but continued my duties, serving pork chops to the man in the green suit (a speedster, and a thief known as Death Runner)and the demon prince (Vikas). The pork was poorly cooked, I made a note to talk to the cook.

A black man with an eyepatch was the next to enter, he introduced himself as Vandal Savage the leader of ARMOR. He told us that we were either going to serve him or die. Typical. And of course we all decided to serve him. We were to be some sort of secret government task force. Going on missions would reduce my masters prison sentence, which would mean that perhaps he would find a lovely young bride… finally… and would allow me to continue to serve the family… and keep the world from ending. That would be slightly annoying now that I think about it. So it seemed like a good deal.

After the zombie (a miss Kandi Laveau) was allowed to feed. Some of the others have such weak stomachs…. Mr. Savage revealed that our first mision was in Somalia of all places, we were to air drop into one of the cities where we would meet up with a contact already on the ground.

Savage then revealed that we were already on route to Somalia and one of the walls in the room parted to show a planes cargo bay. There were five of parachutes, and seven of us…. the demon had wings so I assume he could fly. He can. So we were all set.

The others equipped themselves with parachutes and gear, I helped my master with his.

Once we were prepared the cargo bay door opened wide. The demon flew out, followed by the five with the parachutes… I followed after. Climbing out the cargo bay door and leaping off in the direction the parachutes.

I landed first.

Dusting myself off the rest of the party landed around me. I took note that the demon was carrying my master… so the world and my time nearly ended… again.

We were a ways outside of town. My master fashioned a land craft out of ice for Death Runner to push. Master Fox, Mr. Practice, and Miss Laveau climbed on board, and Death Runner pushed the craft through the sand towards to city. Vikas the demon prince flew after, while I holding the Barons sword bounded along leaping in the air.

This was going to be interesting. Quite.


Good work!

The Adventure Begins!
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