Avery Quinn

The Demonic Manservant


Unearthly (+2 to 2 Abilities, -1 Power Slots)
Quinn has a demonic force inside him that shares his body. He is classified as a Demonic Entity.

Prowess – 6
Coordination – 4
Strength – 7
Intellect – 3
Awareness – 3
Willpower – 6

Life Drain (bonus over stam) 6 – Part of the demons price is soul collection. Quinn feels the dire need to drain life energy.

Invulnerability 7 – The demon inside Avery Quinn has granted him an incredible degree of damage resistance.

Leaping 3 – Using his fantastic demonic strength, Quinn can leap great distances.

Wall Crawling 1 – Quinn can use his demonic influence and incredible strength to scale and cling to walls.

Demonology 1 – The Demon (and Quinn) are both very knowledgeable about Demons and such.
Butlering 1 – Avery Quinn has been a butler/manservant for a great number of years.
Athletics 1 – Avery Quinn is well versed in leaping, dodging and tumbling

Stamina: 13
Determination: 2
XP: 1/12


  1. To hell and back for my master.
  2. Dark Pact with the devil.
  3. “One hell of a Butler"
  4. Dual Minds.


  1. Aversion to Cold Iron and Exorcism.
  2. Those who know my true name have power over me.
  3. Must Serve the Master(s).
  4. Forced to take the souls of the living.
  5. I do not Lie, but I don’t always tell the truth…
  6. Everything has it’s place(Obsessive-Compulsive, Chain of Command, class)

Subject Profile
Avery Quinn, manservant to the Arctic Fox.

Made a pact with a powerful otherworldly being known only as The Demon to save and serve the Arctic Fox’s family. The details of this pact are not full known, but it is believed that this Demon entity now shares Quinn’s body.

What we do know if that The Demon has granted Avery a number of special abilities.

  • Enhanced Strength and Prowess. Which grants him Leaping and Wall Crawling abilities.
  • A fantastic level of damage resistance.
  • The ability to drain life energy, which grants Quinn a small degree of immortality.

Although there seem to be a number of drawbacks and mysteries do to this merger.

  • Cold Iron and Exorcism seem to stun Quinn, draining him of energy over the long term.
  • The inability to lie and the inability to break his word. Although this is suspect.
  • An inability to betray or ignore his master. It is unknown if The Arctic Fox is his only master.
  • The Demon seems unwilling to reveal his own heritage or even his name, it’s not known why.
  • The constant need to drain life force, almost as if he is addicted to the process.
  • Avery’s own personality aspects seem to have been greatly amplified, his devotion to his master, as well as his aim for perfection have greatly increased.

Recovered Diary of Avery Quinn
The master has been taken. There is only one way to get him back I must accept the deal with the REDACTED Queen. This is the only way…. REDACTED will be my other master. But I will make sure that part of the agreement is that I can serve my current master and his descendants until the family line is broken. Hopefully it will be a great many years before that…. and if that ever happens I will not have anything left anyways…

She wants me to be the new servent. It’s what she does… I will be the servent of Winter.

I will go to the REDACTED I will save the master.

From the court of Almighty winter Rides the Dark One. Riding Only for the ones he must serve.
one Chosen by need, the other from love His life is theirs, his soul will Always be hers.

Far Dorocha?
Another manifestation of the headless horseman was the ‘far dorocha’ known also as the Dark Man. This specter’s tale is based on abducting mortals for the Faery Queen. At the request of the Faery Queen the far dorocha would mount his black horse in pursuit of the person requested by the Queen. When the Dark Man arrives it is understood why he is there as he never speaks or shows emotion. The individual will mount the horse behind him without resistance. They are then whisked away to Faery Land. Those who manage to return are sworn to secrecy about those things they were taught and observed while gone. If this covenant is broken the Dark Man will appear and blind the individual in one eye removing ‘faery sight’ or touch an arm or leg causing it to wither. As quickly as he arrived he leaves again. It is the price that is paid for revealing faery secrets. It must be assumed here that he may not have been headless but he is mentioned to be a part of this group of beings.

Morrigan Beira the Cailleach Bheur, the personification of winter and death

Height 5’ 7"
Weight 220lbs
Eyes Brown (glow purple when using powers)
Hair Black
Other Shadows react oddly with Quinn. He appears to always be slightly in the shadows… He has a small snow flake tattoo over his heart.
Status Classified
Family None, other than The Arctic Fox, his master and friend.
Marital Status Single, there are no records of Avery ever in any relationship

Avery Quinn

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