Vandal Savage

Leader of Task Force Death


A decorated war hero, Vandal Savage gained fame (and the Medal of Honor) while leading his “Werewolf” Commandos in Europe. His first-hand experience with Nazi Germany’s meta-humans and super-science made him an excellent candidate for espionage work; he and his unit joined the OSS, and was grandfathered into the CIA.

His past remains mysterious; it’s rumored he was vital to the success of the Bay of Pigs invasion, served with MACV-SOG in Vietnam, and lead the investigation into President Kennedy’s assassination. What is know is that he’s deputy director of ARMOR (Armored Rapid Metahuman Operations Response), and is one of the masterminds behind the construction of Task Force Death.

It is believed that Vandal Savage is a Delta, given his abilities, and since he’s been operating on the front lines since before World War II. He’s qualified with most known small arms; has trained in karate, ju-jitsu, and krav maga; and is fluent in seventeen languages.

Vandal Savage

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